Before You Register for This Course...

Please read the below information completely. Then proceed to the registration instructions in the next unit.

Certification Eligibility

This course meets a requirement for the Certified Court Manager (CCM) credential. If you have already taken “Managing Human Resources”, please email to confirm that you need to take this course.

Tuition and Course Access

Registrants will have access to the course materials for the duration of 90 days from receipt of payment. Tuition is not refunded if courses are left incomplete or never started.

Technical Requirements

  • Computer: For best results, take this course using a computer. This course is not designed to be completed on a smartphone and most tablet screens will be too small to use easily. You will be required to download files, complete assignments on your device, and then upload them to this website. 

  • Web Browser:  Use the Google Chrome browser for providing the best user experience. Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge are also acceptable. The Apple Safari web browser is not supported.

  • Microsoft Word and PDF Files: Graded assignments in this course are provided in Microsoft Word documents. You will be required to download Microsoft Word documents, complete assignments on your device, and then upload them to this website. Some training materials are provided in PDF format and require access to Adobe Reader or a web browser or other application capable of opening PDF documents.