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Project Management for Courts (PMC) (PMC240SS)


Project management is an essential skill set for the courts, especially with respect to managing the integration of technology into all aspects of court operations. This course takes participants through the steps of project management, from initial planning to the closing of projects. Participants will learn how to work on all phases of projects, with technology-related projects providing the context for most of the course. Managers at all levels, as well as judges, will find value in this course as they manage projects of all sizes. Court technology professionals will find the course helpful in increasing their understanding of court functions and operations.


As a result of participating in this course, participants will be able to:

* List the component parts of project management, using terminology recognized by practitioners in the professional project management field.
* Identify the planning steps necessary for a successful project.
* Examine project management tools, such as Work Breakdown Structures, GANTT Charts, and Critical Path Analysis, that help keep a project within budget and on schedule.
* Discuss general requirements for monitoring and controlling a project during its execution.
* Identify the elements of a project closing, and explain why each element is essential to the process.

Please review the technical requirements for this course in the content listing below.
  • Module 0: Welcome to PMC
  • Before You Register for This Course... sample
  • Registration Information sample
  • Welcome Module Interactive Slides
  • Meet Your Faculty
  • Accessing Resources
  • Start Your Activity Journal
  • Module 1: Introduction & Overview
  • Module 1 Interactive Slides
  • Proceed Reminder
  • Activity: Course Goals Survey
  • Return Reminder
  • Module 1 Quiz
  • Return Reminder
  • Module 2: Project Initiation
  • Module 2 Interactive Slides
  • Proceed Reminder
  • Activity: Benefits of a Successful IT Project
  • Return Reminder
  • Assignment: Documenting Lessons Learned
  • Return Reminder
  • Module 2 Quiz
  • Return Reminder
  • Module 3: Best Practices & Fundamentals
  • Module 3 Interactive Slides
  • Proceed Reminder
  • Activity: Requirements & Deliverables
  • Return Reminder
  • Assignment: Reopening During a Pandemic
  • Return Reminder
  • Module 3 Quiz
  • Return Reminder
  • Module 4 Interactive Slides
  • Proceed Reminder
  • Activity: Roles & Responsibilities
  • Return Reminder
  • Module 4 Quiz
  • Return Reminder
  • Module 5 Interactive Slides
  • Proceed Reminder
  • Assignment: Importance of Project Closing
  • Return Reminder
  • Activity: Looking Back
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  • Module 5 Quiz
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  • Course Completion
  • Upload Your Activity Journal
  • Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Module 1 Interactive Slides, Activity: Course Goals Survey, Module 1 Quiz, Module 2 Interactive Slides, Assignment: Documenting Lessons Learned, Module 2 Quiz, Module 3 Interactive Slides, Assignment: Reopening During a Pandemic, Module 3 Quiz, Module 4 Interactive Slides, Module 4 Quiz, Assignment: Importance of Project Closing, Module 5 Quiz, Course Evaluation"
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